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There is No Easing Up Now

There is No Easing Up Now

April 29, 2020

It's a great day to be alive...isn't it? sure is!


Because you have something to look forward to.

A life to live and lives to change.

Today...7 Steps to get you wherever you want to go.

Pay this message forward to others!

Now...make today count,


Never, Never, Never Quit

Never, Never, Never Quit

April 28, 2020

Great Day!

There are no mistakes...just learning opportunities

There are 2 ways to fail in life and business...

1.  Failing to Try

2.  Failing to Learn from One's Efforts

Life is like a race and success in that race only comes to the person who tries 100%...NOT 99.9%

Today's recording is about ALL of US and NEVER QUITTING!

Play this Pay this forward to others!

Now... go and make today count,




The Roller Coaster Mystery

The Roller Coaster Mystery

April 27, 2020

Great day!

Do you know someone who struggles with their follow-through?

Do you know anyone ... say ...intimately?

Listen, people all over the world have the greatest intentions but don't seem to follow-through.

The result is a Roller Coaster of results in their lives and businesses.

Let's see what that looks like along with some solutions on today's recording.

It's doesn't have to be a mystery!

Now... go out and make today count!


p.s. Begin following-through by paying these messages forward to others. Thx.

p.p.s. Coming soon!  The "BIG" Production is almost complete... boy it will be amazing!


Are You A Good Steward?

Are You A Good Steward?

April 24, 2020

Great day!

It has famously been said...

"The more we do for others... the more we personally gain."

Are you huddling around your gifts?

Are you keeping your gifts hidden from the world?

Can the gifts and talents you have change the world around?

On today's Huddle... A story from a famous book.

Are you in the story?

Make today count,


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