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October 16, 2018

A quick on Mike Husson – The Secret Weapon behind the Real Estate Industry and Personal Development Stars!  

For over 35 years I have been in the sales, leadership, and personal and professional development business arena. I along with my teams… I have closed over 5500 transactions in the Real Estate and Mortgage arenas. I have delivered over 7,200 presentations - training and estimated 56,000 salespeople and managers, and I have made over 12,500 coaching calls.  In addition, I co-charged our b2b and b2c marketing teams setting over 100,000 appointments for myself and my teams.

I was a recruiter and trainer for two of South Florida's largest real estate and mortgage companies, where we were closing over 200 transactions per month and a Branch Owner and Trainer for one of the nation’s top Net Branch Mortgage Company's training over 1400 Branch Owners and mortgage loan officers and personally along with my team, closing over 1100 mortgage loans in under 4 years!

Remax Real Estate “Mike has been great. I’ve been with Mike since the fall of 2012 except for a 1-year stint where I thought I could save some money and "do it on my own". That 1 year cost me $75,000. Mike helps me in so many ways. Skills, actions, accountability but for me its mindset (between my ears) that he helps the most. Keeps me focused and on track. He is passionate and very good at what he does, and I've proved it the hard way! Worth every penny!” Scott Ziegler – Saskatoon, Canada

Were You At One of My Training Events?

Additionally, for over 10 years, myself along with my brother David promoted some of America's largest seminars putting over 525,000 butts in seats for some of the greatest thought leaders in the world like; Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, General Norman Schwarzkopf, Pat Riley, Lou Holtz, Art Williams, Harvey McKay, Chicken Soup for the Soul Author, Mark Victor Hanson, Captain Gerald Coffee, Paul Zane Pilzer, Dr. Denis Waitley, The E-Myth Author Michael Gerber, and many, many others...

Geez...there's more?  Yes!

I'm also a Certified Mental Toughness Trainer...certified by Dr. Jim Loehr at the now Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute (formally LGE Sport Science) where I worked with sports athletes like; Tennis Pros... Monica Seles, Jim Courier, Pete Sampras;  Golf pro-Ernie Els and many others.  We also worked with S.W.A.T. Teams locally and nationally and Fortune 25 Corporate Athletes as we call them; CEO's, CFO's and the like...

I’ve had 3 great outcomes in my career: 1.  As National Sales Manager for Tony Robbins taking a sales division of one of his companies from $3.9 million to over $8.75 million in sales in less than 13 months! 2. Closing over 5500 real estate related transactions! Lastly, training and coaching several hundred clients who started from ground zero…and in under 5 years…each were earning over $500,000 in GCI! 

Anthony Robbins Companies - "Mike, you and Dave have taken us to new levels! Your innovative approaches to sales and marketing were Impressive! You wowed us with your commitment and patience when we needed it most. Thank You!" Tony Robbins, Chairman

What does this mean to you?

With all this experience... I think I’ve learned a few things, but I think the most important things I’ve learned is that the shortest distance between two points in selling is great training and great coaching. If you want to shorten up the success curve to help you get you to where you want to go... a bit faster and with fewer challenges... start by having some great training and a supportive coach! 

I Sold a Ton!

This I know for sure… for the first 2 years after getting into real estate, I was struggling; I sold 7 properties, I sold my car, my clothes, and some shoes.  Here's what I now know…

I wish I had a coach to get me started in the right direction!   So, think about this…

Imagine you want to climb Mount Everest. There are, of course, many reasons for wanting to do that... such as the challenge or the view at the top. Now, you can do it alone and go through the school of hard knocks and hopefully arrive alive (now… is that necessary? I don’t think so.)

Another option is to get the support and help of a guide.

Why? Well think about it like this... wouldn’t you be more comfortable on your climb to the top with someone who has been there before you? Someone who knows the best path to the top?  Can having a guide reduce, if not eliminate some of the challenges that you will inevitably face? Will a guide point out all the potential obstacles and show you the shortcuts, so you can make the climb a bit easier and more enjoyable? I think so... don't you?

So, if you are committed, if you have the desire and you are resourceful… I will guide you in your climb to the top. I realize you have many options and I hope to bring a nugget of value that can make a huge difference in your life and business both mentally and financially! 

I look forward to your feedback, comments, questions and hopefully, I'll get the chance to meet and speak with you!

Great Day!  Mike

p.s. Don't you hate it when people are always talking about you?  I guess it's all a matter of how you look at it...right?  Keep talkin' baby!!

More Raving Fans…

“My name is Chris Gangone and I had the privilege of being coached by Mike Husson for several years. Mike is a master of everything that goes into being a coach at the highest level possible. His real estate industry knowledge is second to none when it comes to the market and everything that effects it. Mike knew exactly what to tell me in anything I faced with building my real estate business in the years I worked with him. He is a Master of Systems and processes and his knowledge of how to run a business is over the top. Most importantly is that Mike is a master of coaching someone to the highest level possible when it comes to mindset and changing behaviors to develop successful habits that lead to a high level of success.

He combines not only the business element of skills and processes but the mental part of the game to stretch you to the highest level possible. When working with Mike I also could feel that he really cares on a personal level for the people he coaches. I never felt like I was just a number when working with Mike over the years. He went above and beyond just being a coach by taking an interest in what was happening in my life outside of our business relationship. I was truly blessed to work with Mike for the years we worked together and can say that I am forever grateful for the time we spent with each other.”  Chris Gangone – Keller Williams, Nashville, TN – 615-243-7931


Luxury Homes Inc. GMAC

Dear Maria Elena,

 Wow! Thank you so much for bringing Mike Husson to our office. What a powerhouse! What a shot of optimism! What a great presentation! He is inspirational, believable, and empowering!  Thank you for your caring and your professionalism. Best Regards, Paula Mark, Realtor

“Mike, I want to thank you for your gracious invitation to your Time Management Seminar…your seminar is just packed with value from tried and true fundamentals to the most up to date techniques for being the most effective in managing time.  I can recommend your seminars to anyone with full confidence that he or she will come away completely satisfied (You can quote me if you like) Thank you again for making a positive impact on my life." John Perry, Mortgage Banker

AT&T Communications - "Just a few weeks since the training and already we have utilized many of your techniques. On several accounts, we have actually doubled our revenue because we went back and did a better job understanding the customer's business from the ground up. Thanks!" Bob Crook, Regional Sales Manager


City of Hialeah, FL – “Mike, I am taking this opportunity to thank you for your presentation to the Hialeah S.W.A.T. Team on the Mentally Tough concepts. The team member enjoyed the presentations. Your enthusiastic and dynamic style contributed significantly to the seminar. The S.W.A.T. Officers enjoyed the practical approach that the Mentally Tough program takes in addressing performance on demand. The dynamic style of the presentation was motivational and kept everyone interested.” Lieutenant U. del Toro, S.W.A.T. Commander


Nabisco - "Our Nabisco Sales Team enjoyed your workshop presentation relationship selling on Friday. The enthusiasm and professionalism that you demonstrated in your presentation was a real asset and positive factor in our meeting. Thank you again!" Charlie Porter, Regional Sales Manager


Motorola - "Thank you for the opportunity to attend the outstanding sales increasing program...My staff found the seminar to be extremely high content, concise and entertaining. We will all be more successful as a result. And the complimentary workshop you provided to us was high energy, high content and very professional.”  Jay Shed, Regional Sales Manager

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