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The 15-Minute Huddle - How to Self-Coach When you Need to

May 28, 2019

Great day!

I hope you guys had a great three day weekend if you celebrated some time off and also celebrating our great men and women of our armed forces. We appreciate all of you and all of them and again thank you for allowing us to be free.

On today's 15-minute huddle I want to talk to you about self-coaching.

There are times when you just simply need to get up and get on with it and you don't have time to reach out to accountability partners or your coach... what you need is to make it happen right now.

So what are some of the things that you can do in the short term to help you get up and get on with it so you can get yourself back into business?

We don't have time to linger and pontificate how challenging things are...we just simply need to get into action and I want to share with you today some of those ideas so you can do it yourself.

Lest we forget... we all need a coach too :))

Join these calls at 7:45 am ... M-F... by dialing 605-475-4819 | Access# 599-992

Make today count,

Direct: 954-210-5565

p.s. Encourage others by paying this forward to someone on your team, a colleague, your office, friends or family.  Our lives will better when we help others make their lives better!  Thx. 

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