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The 15-Minute Huddle - Go ahead … GIVE UP!

March 29, 2019

No live call today!  But wait there's more...

Great day!  

First, I am a religious person and I won't apologize for the following, however, as you listen to the recording I did the other day...

I will make sense.  Apply it however it suits your needs!  

The following is from Joel Osteen... read it from a spiritual perspective if you like as well as a personal growth perspective... you choose.

I received 9 calls on this recording the other I really don't want you to miss out.

Here are Joel's thoughts and then listen in! 

Great day now, Mike

Forget What Lies Behind...

"Many people don’t fully understand what it means to forget the past. One definition of the word "forget" is "to disregard intentionally, or to overlook." You have to intentionally disregard your past so that it doesn’t keep you from moving forward. That means the good and the bad.

If we’re not careful, even our past victories can keep us from rising higher if we get too comfortable where we are. God wants to take us from glory to glory, but if we don’t let go of the old, we’ll never be able to embrace the new.

It’s time to forget what lies behind. Put it away once and for all. When you release it, it’s an act of your faith. Focus all your energy on moving forward. Trust that God has new levels of victory, peace, and favor. Trust that He’s working behind the scenes on your behalf. As you forget what lies behind and press forward, you will see the abundant life the Lord has in store for you!"

Joel Osteen


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