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What Do You Value?  What Do You Believe?

What Do You Value? What Do You Believe?

June 11, 2020


What are the sources of success or failure?

Values are emotional states that, based on your life experiences, we believe are most important for us to experience or avoid.

The only way we can feel happy and fulfilled in the long-term is to live in accordance with our true values.

Beliefs...A belief is a feeling of certainty about the meaning of something.

Your beliefs determine whether or not you feel like you're meeting your values...

They can either limit you or liberate you.

Key points to remember:

Values are the states or emotions that move us towards...

In order to gain pleasure...

Or that we move away from...

In order to avoid pain in any given situation.

Anytime you have difficulty making an important decision, you can be sure it's the result being unclear about your values.

Rules are the determining factors about what has to happen in order to meet your values.

We may have the same values, but have different rules about what has to happen for things to be met.

You must understand the power of how beliefs impact the quality of your life.

Your beliefs and values work together to determine how you're going to feel.

Today's action...

What are your values?

Ask yourself what's most important to you in life, your family, your business, etc.

What are your beliefs?

Make a list of the beliefs that disempower you

On the opposite side of the page write down what are some empowering beliefs.

For example... I can't" vs. "I must!"

Now, go out and make today count & please pay this forward

Thanks, Mike

How to Be The Best By.Playing to WIN… Not to Lose!

How to Be The Best By.Playing to WIN… Not to Lose!

June 10, 2020

Recorded live earlier on June 10th, 2020

Being great at what you do requires 4 basic things...

  1. A strong desire...
  2. Making a decision to act...
  3. A commitment to do whatever it takes to win...
  4. Having a well thought out strategy.

Playing to Win vs. playing not to lose is one of the great attributes of the very best

In this episode, I'll share a series of actionable ideas of what those who Play to Win... do day in and day our to outperform others in their respective fields.

Enjoy, take notes, and take action!

Best, Mike

p.s. As always ... follow us and please pay this forward to others


The Power of Focus

The Power of Focus

June 9, 2020

A Redo :)

You’re Wasting Your Time…When You Don’t Do This

You’re Wasting Your Time…When You Don’t Do This

June 9, 2020

I went of my rocker this week and you know what... and I take responsibility.

I'm listening to some hard-working folks who are missing a key ingredient in their businesses.

For my Realtors, Investors, and Bankers... All other this is equally as important in today's message.

What's missing?  Qualifying for Maximum Results!

You work hard to find a prospect to sell to, you work harder to follow up with'll even set an appointment

...then when it comes time to see if all of that work you did is worth it... truly offer the best solution for our prospects... drop the lose a perfectly good opportunity...

Because you DON'T QUALIFY!

Why?  Good question...maybe it's because of this or that or better yet...

...listen in ...I may have an answer.

Forgive me I was a bit tempered every now and again :)

Not because I don't's because I do!!


Thanks, Mike

p.s. please pay this forward to a colleague, or friend...even a prospect! 

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