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Let’s Check-In - A Weekly Discipline

Let’s Check-In - A Weekly Discipline

January 10, 2020

Great day!

How’s your week been? 

Was it productive?

Did you follow your schedule?

Did you practice with a passion to build your confidence, so you can set more appointments?

Did you generate some new leads, appointments and follow up with those on your list?

Did you communicate with your clients, sellers, buyers, admin teams, vendors?

Did you go on the number of appointments required by your business plans?

Did you negotiate win/win/win deals?

Did you eat right and exercise?

Did you have some quality family time?

Did you start or finish the book or the audio?

Did you assess your day at the end and prepare for the following day?

How many thank you note did you send?

These are most of the questions you must look to in our life and business to make sure it’s moving forward.  How will we ever know other than a paycheck is thing is working without this evaluation and contemplation?

Your coaches, mentors, and trainers can help you stay on point...but only if they are aware of where you are and the direction you are going in. So, help them to help you!

Action is to go back, make sure you've written down the questions in the recording and put this exercise in your planning agenda.  

Let's Make it Great Today!



p.s. Leave your thoughts and comments and make sure to pay this message forward to your colleagues, friends, and family!

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