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The 15-Minute Huddle - 10.31.18 - The BIG Reveal

The 15-Minute Huddle - 10.31.18 - The BIG Reveal

October 31, 2018

Great day!

First, I received a ton of feedback on the last two 15-Minute Huddles we did on asking questions.  Most are saying they now better understand how to better present and move their conversations forward while building more trust, credibility, and better relationships.

Work on this most important skill by practicing with your peers, family and yes… your prospects.  Your opinion is important, however, let’s get the opinions and feelings from other people first then you can make the best recommendation to better serve THEIR needs.

Ok… How’s your week going?  Did you set any appointments for the week? Get any leads? Did you sell anything? Close anything? Send out any thank you notes?  Add some folks to your database? Did you spend some quality time with the family?

Did you practice like madmen and madwomen? Did you know that Phantom of the Opera is the longest running show on Broadway … the same show and script day in and day out and the actors still practice every day? MMMMM ...something to think about...right??

The real question is did you plan and execute on any of the above? I hope so! 

Because today is an important day…why?  For many years since I was about 21 … I was always intrigued by Autobiographies … the life stories of people from business to leadership.  From presidents to preachers to parents.  I wanted to learn what they did and how they did it. How they think; how they made decisions; how they acted, how they achieved and all of the things in between. 

To this day … I still look at what others do that makes them great at what they do and who they’ve become. Ove the years as a trainer and coach, I’ve taken upon myself to put together the attributes of some of the very best in our business.  Folks who I’ve coached who are earning in excess of $250000 a year… year in and year out in the same markets and conditions that others who are only doing average.  

On today’s 15-Minute Huddle … I’m going to reveal [ a powerful word] to you what those attributes are and hopefully, you’ll steal them and use them to profit mentally and financially. [the first secret is that's all they did too!]

So be prepared ... with notepad in hand for the BIG REVEAL!

Make it GREAT Today!


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The 15-Minute Huddle - 10.30.18 - Asking Questions Part 2

The 15-Minute Huddle - 10.30.18 - Asking Questions Part 2

October 30, 2018

Are you having a great day?

Yesterday, we spoke about the power of using questions in selling. The very best and highest-paid salespeople in every field share certain qualities and characteristics.

They always appear to be low-keyed, easy going, relaxed, warm, friendly and very interested in the thoughts, feelings, and opinions of others. They are very likable people.

They learn that the great secret in selling, as well as in all human relationships, is to ask questions and listen carefully to the answers. The more they listen, the more they learn about how they can structure their product or service offerings to help customers achieve their own goals or satisfy their needs.

Here's a quick recap of why asking questions is so critical...

  • It helps you identify the customer is true needs, fears, desires, and objections…
  • He keeps your clients and prospects engaged in the conversation…
  • If you ask the proper questions, it actually leads them to self-discovery and it stimulates their thinking...
  • It helps build a deeper rapport…
  • It helps you to be a better listener…
  • It gives you control of the presentation…

In today’s 15-Minute Huddle, we’ll continue to you learn about “Asking Questions” …

The Art of Asking Questions is one of the most important discoveries in human relations and one of the best of all interpersonal skills in human communications. 

I hope to answer over these last couple of calls the following questions…

1.      Why is it more powerful to ask questions than to speak?

2.      What is the primary benefit of asking questions rather than talking?

3.      Why do top salespeople ask such excellent questions?

4.      What are the two essential rules for success in selling?

5.      What are the four basic types of questions you can ask?

6.      What are the key times for you to use questions in the sales conversation?

7.      How should you ask any question of a customer or prospect?

Of all the skills you must learn, I believe that this is the one that will make you stand out in the minds of your prospects and clients more than anything else! So, I’ll do my best to answer these in the time we have together and if not… well, I’ll make another recording on the most important subject.

Let me ask… will you make it great today?

Coach Mike

p.s. please comment, like [if you do], share and follow this podcast...Thank you, Mike

The 15- Minute Huddle - Question Based Selling Part 1

The 15- Minute Huddle - Question Based Selling Part 1

October 29, 2018

WOW!  The 29th of the month…

Don’t you just love when a month ends and a new one begins?  There is so much opportunity to speak with folks who have not yet sold their properties? 

Isn’t it a perfect time to pick up the ball that someone else dropped?  Especially, this time of the year when if you really dig… you’ll find the truly motivated individuals who must sell. 

Over the next few days on our 15 Minute Huddles … we’ll going to enter zone that few folks are willing to enter … I’m not sure why… although I have a few good ideas and if they did… they can do an 12-24 or more deals a year and gross an average of $60,000 to $120,000 or more in income…

Question…could you use that XTRA Income?  Could it change some things for you? Pay some debts? Expand your team? Change a zip code where you live? Add more money to your financial freedom and God forbid “anything happens” accounts?  Could you give more to your favorite charity… outside of a family member?

I imagine you’ll come up with many uses of the money…right? 

So, where we will go for just the next couple of days to better prepare you for the influx of expired listings…we’ll talk about some of the best practices to get in the doors and get them happily working with you.


For example, today… we’ll start with a very important and one of the most overlooked parts of the sales process [one we’ve only touched on] and that’s the Power of Question Based Selling!

Have you ever been in a conversation or presentation and you noticed that there is very little, if any, responses from the prospect?  They seem to smile and nod, but they don’t engage as they could be.

The main reason?  It’s more of like a monologue than a dialogue… you’re are doing most of the talking and not enough of the asking of great questions…

Today… I’m going to share with you some very simple, yet powerful ways to get folks engaged with YOU! 

Why you? Because they’ll recognize a real professional … someone who is interested in them rather than themselves.  Someone who will give them what they want because they SOLD themselves on wanting what you have to offer! 

How?  By simply mastering the art of asking great questions!  So, if you’re interested … This will help you; build better relationships, set more appointments, sign more contracts and get more referrals and repeat business…now that’ll be great, won’t it?

The 15-Minute Huddle - 7 Self-Coaching Questions

The 15-Minute Huddle - 7 Self-Coaching Questions

October 26, 2018

Great day!

How’s your week been? 

Was it productive?

Did you follow your schedule?

Did you practice with a passion to build your confidence, so you can set more appointments?

Did you generate some new leads, appointments and follow up with those on your list?

Did you communicate with your sellers, buyers, admin teams, vendors?

Did you go on the number of appointments required by your business plans?

Did you negotiate win/win/win deals?

Did you eat right and exercise?

Did you have some quality family time?

Did you start or finish the book or the audio?

Did you assess your day when you finished it and prepare for the following day?

How many thank you notes did you send?

These are most of the questions you must look to in our life and business to make sure it’s moving forward. 

How will we ever know other than a paycheck is things are working without this evaluation and contemplation?

Coaches, mentors, and trainers are a MUST to have as your collaborator to move you ahead quickly and efficiently, however, there are times when you can’t wait for an answer…so…

Today…on our call I’m going to give you 7 Breakthrough – Self Coaching Questions to help through the points above when nobody is around to support you or need to look for a faster solution than waiting… ask these questions to get you closer to the breakthrough you need FAST!

Make it Great Today!


The 15-Minute Huddle Power Start Your Day

The 15-Minute Huddle Power Start Your Day

October 25, 2018

Attachment coming soon!

Great day!

"Hi Mike, thanks for your daily calls!  They are to the point and I like that!  I want to really get my business up and going pretty fast and I’m open to getting real aggressive because like you said I need a breakthrough and right now, I’ll do anything to make it happen.  What do the top people do day in and day out?  Tell me Mike and I’ll do it!  Keep it up!!"

A common question and common desire of most.  My common answer?  Even though you’re willing to do it, will you stick it out?

Today is an aggressive yet doable plan for anyone wanting to take their business to the next level or for those wanting and NEEDING to restart the business.  Even doing half of it will put you into the top 10%! It’s powerful! 

Are you ready to take it on?  I KNOW YOU CAN HANDLE IT!!!

Listen in today and you be the judge…if what I say makes sense and you feel comfortable and confident that this can help you blow out your business… great… if not that’s ok too! 

Either way….I'm here to answer a great question for all of you!

Great day now!

The 10 Fundamentals of Powerful Persuasion

The 10 Fundamentals of Powerful Persuasion

October 24, 2018

Do you want to get more contracts signed?

What are the secrets of the great presenters?

How do we get more people, more often listening to what we have to say?

In the following recording, I'm going to share with you the 10 Fundamentals of Powerful Persuasion.  This a very important recording will help you to develop more confidence and get more contracts signed! 

If you have any questions, thoughts or comments, reach out to me at

Make it rain! Mike

How often are you Pre-Judging EVERYTHING?

How often are you Pre-Judging EVERYTHING?

October 24, 2018

Great day!


How often do you pre-judge people, circumstances, goals, and objectives?

Isn't in fact that because you are pre-judging every single thing...that it's keeping you from moving forward in your business and even your life?

Begin today to stop prejudging and start asking questions and learning more about the people and circumstances.

Stop the Madness and Start Today Living to YOUR Fullest Potential!

Enjoy! Mike

The 15-Minute Huddle - The 8 Phases of Life and Business Growth

The 15-Minute Huddle - The 8 Phases of Life and Business Growth

October 24, 2018

Great Day!

“Mike, with all of this training, coaching, and work I’m doing, how long will it take for me to begin to see results?  I need it yesterday.  I want it to happen now!  No hype Mike, please!”

Great question that’ll I’ll answer today because I know its on the minds of the many who aspire to greatness in your business and to those who want peace of mind…or BOTH!

Are you impatient and want this to work YESTERDAY? 

Do you want to know how long it will REALLY take to have the business working and producing results?

Do you need money now and you’re not sure when the flow will begin or start again? [2 points here]

When can I expect to see the breakthroughs?

Will I ever master this stuff? This is [as I like to say] RADICALLY IMPORTANT TO GET…both logically and emotionally!

On today's 15-Minute Huddle we'll discuss the 8 Phases of Life and Business Mastery

Make it GREAT today!



The 15-Minute Huddle - 10 Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople

The 15-Minute Huddle - 10 Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople

October 23, 2018

the following or the 10 Habits of Highly Successful salespeople...

Keep in mind winners develop a habit of doing the things losers do not like to do!

1. Review and rewrite your goals daily 2. Plan your days in advance 3. Ask 2 questions: What did I do right? What could I do differently? 4. Use the Doctor of Selling Philosophy...Ask questions to find the pain and then relieve it 5. Successful daily living: physical, nutrition and healthy relationships 6. Become a Rejection and Frustration Specialist 7. Be a Value Builder... 8. Fly with the eagles 9. They are Masters at Building Relationships 10. They are committed to lifelong Personal and Professional Growth

Exercise... write these down, review them every morning and night and rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 in each of these areas... Do this for the next 90 days and watch radical changes occur in your life!

Go out and make it great today!


The 15-Minute Huddle - Manage the Priorities
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